5 Tips Adventure Racing

5 Tips on Adventure Racing for Beginners

Are you looking to try adventure racing? To help you understand the basics on how to prepare for your new adventure. In this guide, we will discuss the most helpful strategies to give you the best start.

Here are 5 tips on adventure racing for beginners.
Join an Adventure Race Clinic of Training Camp

The time and money you spend on race training will become more beneficial to you especially as a beginner. Many companies will offer a weekend or single day course where all experts will teach you all the basics to expert skills you need to know. Courses will include orienteering planning kayaking and nutrition for optimal health. The course will require you to get fully immersed in the race and put your knowledge to test.

Practice Navigation with Biking

No matter how good you are at navigation, chances you that you might have never tried it with a bike. Now is the time to practice reading maps and navigating while on a bike. The fast speeds will make map reading all the more difficult to comprehend.

Physical Training

Get started on practicing for physical training such as swimming and running. Make time to practice training with uneven terrains and challenging trails.

Make Cohesive Plans

In any race, you must plan your time around the checkpoint once the details have been released. One mistake every racer makes is to rush off immediately without spending much time on planning. Not only will planning your race make it go smoothly but also ensure that you don’t miss any information on the rules, regulations, supply stops, and checkpoints.

Stay Hydrated

During an adventure race, keep the weight of your kit low. This is one of the biggest burdens racers have is their water supply. Determine how much water you need and how long the event will take. For short races, a small water purifier will do the trick.
Have you tried an adventure race? Do you have tips that you would like to share? Comment below and share your tips with us!