Your first Adventure Race

How to Prepare for Your first Adventure Race

Are you planning for your next adventure race? Is this going to be your first? Chances are, you might have little to no experience and need all the tips you can get to prepare yourself for the next big challenge. As fun as the adventure race are you will need to get in shape if you plan to keep up with the athletes.

Here’s how to prepare for your first adventure race.

Prepare the Body

While you don’t have to be a great athlete to complete a race, you do need to be well conditioned to finish it. Adventure racing is more than a physical sport but also requires the necessary skills and knowledge needed to survive. While you do not necessarily need to run, you should be able to hike comfortably for miles on end. Additionally, you will need to be comfortable in riding 2- miles with a mountain bike and paddle five miles to get to the next location.

Consider training in multiple sports sessions, bike and run combinations and other exercises that will benefit your body for the adventure race. Ideally, you will have to train your body to withstand three hours of continuous activity.

Prepare the Mind

Half the training includes the mental challenges that come with the race. You will need to learn all there is to adventure racing before you make your first attempt. You must enter the adventure race with the right mindset and be prepared for the unexpected. Many first-timers assume that they are ready for the race with years of triathlon experience but finds out that they may not be ready at all.

Prepare the Necessary Skills

Training for adventure racing is a lifelong process as there will always be room for improvement. Many racers start their training by working on their technical skills. One of the most important skills needed for adventure racing is orienteering as it is also the hardest skill to master.

Are you prepared for your adventure race? What other tips do you have that you would like to share? Comment below and let us know what you think!